Band Members
Musa Mboob - Vocals, African percussion, Talking Drum, Sabar
Momodou Darboe - Bass
Tom Phelan - Keyboards
Luke Rattenbury - Guitars

In 2017 Musa returned to his XamXam project of creating new Gambian compositions with a twist, his latest project is called Bollo which means an interaction between two cultures or tribes working together for common goal. Live showcase concerts coming soon and a full tour once the album is finished.

Musa Mboob's previous album Haral continuing on from the XamXam - HamHam album where Musa created another collection of unique songs each with their own catchy rhythm.

Haral is recorded with his band XamXam and a large number of guest musicians which gives the album great depth and diversity.

Musa Mboob was born in The Gambia, West Africa and is the son of Doudou Mboob, the Gambian master percussionist. In 1985, he became a professional performer, with percussion, singing and dance, following a family tradition, which can be traced back at least six generations. In 1990 he joined Ifang Bondi and toured throughout Europe.

After Ifang Bondi broke up he moved to England and has worked on many solo and band projects while maintaining strong links with The Gambia.

Musa Mboob is one of the leading Gambian percussionist who has spent his whole life working to promote Gambian culture and share this culture around the world with workshops, live performances and traditional ceremonies. Musa is currently based in Brighton, UK and has been living in England since the early 1990s.

Over the years Musa has performed in a number of Gambian Cultural Festivals throughout Europe and concerts throughout the UK with the Traditional Arts Projects. Alongside this he has lead workshops in many schools in the UK and cultural exchange projects with Gambian schools.

He has played with a large number of bands including Ifang Bondi, The Africa Express, Joko, Alan Skidmore & Ubizo, TAPS, Boka Halat, Gelawarr and Njom Music Band. As well setting up his own band XamXam.